Main business area

The Group of companies “Composite Solutions” provides the full range of services in the field of polymeric composite materials (PCM): carbon fiber reinforced plastics, organic plastics and fiberglass reinforced plastics based on high-modulus fibers with thermoplastic and thermosetting bonding materials.

  • Design and production of equipment for PCM processing.
  • Development and production of parts and assemblies from PCM, shape-generating molding tools.
  • Engineering, modernization and automation of equipment, and its commissioning.
  • Supply of industrial and laboratory equipment.
  • Supply of polymeric composite materials.
  • Development of new polymeric composite materials.
  • Research and development.
  • Transfer of advanced foreign technologies.
  • Consulting and staff training.

The Group of Companies’ history

The Group of companies “Composite Solutions” has been founded on the basis of the company “Carbon Studio”. “Carbon Studio” was the first company in Russia that established exclusive supply of innovative materials and equipment from leading international manufacturers in 2005 as well as launched its own production of high-tech products made of polymeric composite materials.

The Group of companies has been introducing modern international technologies, developments and materials in the Russian market for more than 10 years. Over these years, mutually beneficial cooperation has been established with major Russian state-owned corporations and enterprises as well as with such leading foreign companies as Airbus Group, RADIUS Engineering, Toray, and many others.

Since 2009, the Group of companies “Composite Solutions” regularly presents its products and technologies at the leading international exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

Since 2012, the Group of companies has been an organizer of the Saint Petersburg international conference “Composite Solutions”, one of the major business events in the composite industry. In 2015, Airbus Group has become a strategic partner of the conference.

The Group of companies “Composite Solutions” is a member of Saint Petersburg Composite cluster and actively participates in its work.


A team of highly skilled engineers of the Group of companies “Composite Solutions” fulfills complex orders of industrial enterprises and research institutions in aerospace, shipbuilding, machine building industries and other strategic sectors of the Russian economy.

Implemented projects:

1. Development of advanced aircraft made of composite materials for local air transport systems «Light aircraft».  Industry: aircraft engineering. Customer: Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute named after S. A. Chaplygin.

The Group of companies “Composite Solutions” has supplied Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute with high-tech composite materials and equipment and introduced advanced international technologies to create a new generation of aircraft with improved takeoff and landing characteristics and lower costs.

2. Modernization of the production site of JSC «Academician M. F. Reshetnev» Information Satellite Systems». Industry: space. Customer: JSC «Academician M. F. Reshetnev» Information Satellite Systems».

The Group of companies “Composite Solutions” has provided technical re-equipping and outfitting of the production site by means of supply and installation of modern equipment for PCM processing from leading international manufacturers as well as packaged supply of auxiliary materials.

3. Participation in manufacturing of the high-speed passenger catamaran. Industry: shipbuilding. Customer: JSC «Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard».

The Group of companies “Composite Solutions” has elaborated the technology of impregnating 3-ply material based on carbon fabric and foam using vacuum infusion, manufactured tooling and trained specialists of the enterprise to produce a CFRP body for the modern high-speed passenger catamaran with 150 seats.

The Group of Companies’ Structure

Management Company «Composite Solutions»

It has been founded in 2015. It is responsible for the overall management of the Group of companies.

The company specializes in creating and equipping knowledge-intensive production and enterprises in the composite industry as well as in supply and modernization of modern industrial and laboratory equipment for the use with polymeric composite materials.



It is involved in research and development activities, development and production of parts and assemblies of PCM for civil and light aircraft, manufacturing of shape-generating molding tools (composite, metal, silicone).

The company’s business area includes the management of licenses and transfer of innovative foreign technologies to the Russian market. The priority area of activity involves cooperation with Airbus Group under the Program for Technology Licensing in the field of composite materials.



The company provides comprehensive engineering services in the field of polymeric composite materials for the shipbuilding industry, including research and development activities, development and production of parts and assemblies of high-tech PCM.

It performs the precision machining of PCM pieces, development and implementation of projects in the field of metalworking production using advanced products and technologies.

It also provides Russian companies working with PCM with modern engineering solutions for the modernization, automation and commissioning of equipment.


«Thermo Technology»

It is the first Russian manufacturing company that specializes in design, production and supply of modern Russian equipment for PCM processing including the following:

  • laboratory and industrial polymerization ovens;
  • impregnating lines for production of prepreg based on various reinforcing materials and thermosetting or thermoplastic bonding materials;
  • modern milling and engraving machines for machining of PCM, various plastics and other materials.



«Carbon Studio»

It is a fast growing company established in 2005. Carbon Studio is an exclusive supplier of innovative composite materials and equipment for vacuum infusion and polymeric composite materials processing to the Russian market.

Long-term partnership with leading foreign manufacturers allows it to introduce advanced technologies in Russia almost simultaneously with their entry into the markets of Europe and the United States.

The company’s specialists carry out staff training and professional development.

Customers and Partners

Customers of the Group of companies “Composite Solutions” include such major Russian corporations as JSC «Russian Helicopters», PJSC «United Aircraft Corporation», JSC «United Shipbuilding Corporation», Rocket and Space Corporation Energia named after S.P. Korolev, JSC «Concern «Vega», which is a part of the state corporation «Rostec», JSC «Concern «Gidropribor» and many others.

The Group of companies’ partners are leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of advanced composite materials, equipment and technologies.

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