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PJSC “MZIK” will install a vacuum-membrane press for polymer composites.

On the production site of PJSC “MZIK” (Machine-Building Plant named after Kalinin) in Yekaterinburg, will be installed batch-produced vacuum-membrane press VACTAB21 with automatic opening of the dome and the new control system.

The developer and manufacturer of the press VACTAB21 is the St. Petersburg company “Composite Solutions”.

The history of PJSC “MZIK” originates in 1866, when an artillery workshop was established in St. Petersburg by decree of Emperor Alexander II. Later it turned into a plant, which was named “Petrogradsky” in 1914. In 1918, the plant was evacuated to the Moscow region, and in 1941 to the former Sverdlovsk (nowadays Ekaterinburg). The company “Composite Solutions” is pleased to provide services to such a legendary company and is proud of cooperation with it.